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I was suffering from Migraine headaches since I was 11 years of age. I spent my time during school in the nurses' office because of the pain I was experiencing. I would get these headaches about 3-4 times per week and I tell you, they were not fun. My parents took me to see all the different medical doctors and had MRI's, CT Scans, and everything was normal! I thought why am I still experiencing these headaches if I'm "NORMAL"? So I heard of Chiropractors through my College and he talked about how Chiropractic can help with Headaches. I figuered, I've tried everything else, what's the worst that could happen? I went to see a Chiropractor and I saw that I had several subluxations and my neck and it can possibly cause my headaches. I received my first adjustment and was very nervous. After the adjustment, I felt an immediate release of pressure from my neck and head. Now, I don't suffer from Migraines 3-4 times per week! I'm excited about living my life without Migraines! Thanks Kalani Chiropractic

-Savita K.


I found out about Kalani Chiropractic from my teacher at Pacifica High. I am a active softball player at Pacifica High and my coach noticed how less I was performing.When I came in I had lower, mid back, and neck pain. At that point they were interfering with my daily routine. Within ONE week I started to notice improvement in how I felt. I wasn’t as tired and I didn’t feel as stressed. Dr. Kalani and his staff always treated me like family; even when I made my own schedule… “Sorry Guys”. They were always here for me when I needed them most. Now, I am performing at optimal levels due to the adjustments! I give them 5 stars for a wonderful job well done and I would recommend them to anyone else!

-Sasha G.

Low Back & Sleeplessness

I’ve suffered from low back pain that I have had since the birth of my second child and also have insomnia. When I started receiving my adjustments I started feeling a difference by the third visit. I can now do some things that I couldn’t do for years due to the pain I was in! Now, I rarely get colds, get deep in sleep and my energy is increased! Thanks you so much Dr. Kalani for all of the love and for helping me and my family. Also, I want to thank your wonderful staff for their beautiful smiles and the love that they express to us. Thanks for making us feel like part of your family.

-Christina G.

Low Back

After attending Dr. Kalani’s chiropractic care, I have experienced overall body function wellness and well being. The pain and strain in my back went away and I was able to train hard, once again! I loved getting my adjustments pre-work out as they helped my body work at its best. Regular adjustments have helped me release tension in my muscles and stress. I feel my body is now working at 110%!I highly recommend Dr. Kalani’s Chiropractic care if you wish to perform at your full potential.

Pierre F.


After receiving my adjustments from Dr. Kalani, My t-cell count is up, Brain cancer is gone. My cancer is down, in all. At one time I had 6 tumors, now I have zero. I can now breathe better even with a collapsed lung. I am far less grumpy and very very happy with my treatment I am receiving. It’s all good. Thank God and the team at Kalani Chiropractic. Most important I am off all Pain killers that my M.D. had me on for the past twenty years. Thank you Kalani Chiropractic for making a huge difference in my life!

-Andrea A.

Car Accidents

I was a victim of a car accident. I was experiencing pain to my neck and back. I went to the ER where all they did was examine me and give me medication and said nothings wrong with me, I just need to rest and ice. I thought to myself, that's it? Where else can I get some relief? I don't want to take the medications because it's not going to fix my problem areas, only cover up the pain. So I heard Dr. Kalani on the radio and how he has had great results from injuries from car accidents. I received a exam and they took some x-rays and found alot of problems which made sense of why I was in so much pain. I love how Dr. Kalani educated me on how my nervous system was affected by the impact of the accident. I received some Chiropractic adjustments and I felt like I did before! Thank you so much to God for allowing me to hear Dr. Kalani on the radio and leading me to him! I love you guys and as Dr. Kalani would say, "Mahalo"!

-Ana R.